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Mission Objectives

1.    To provide higher education and training to students by highly qualified trained teachers and technology supports.
2.    To provide research guidance and support services to registered research students as per university rules.
3.    To develop confidence, self reliance and professional competencies among students through a score of vocational courses in regular as well as open and distance learning modes (IGNOU).
4.    To organize pre-service and in-service teacher education (B.Ed) programmes through regular as well as open and distance learning modes (IGNOU).
5.    To provide student support services through various activities of Centre of Career Guidance &          Counselling, Centre of e-Learning, Library & Reading Room and Students’ Grievance & Redressal Cell.
6.    To organize Seminars/Workshops and Short-term training courses for academic refreshment of students and faculty members.
7.    To develop and nurture awareness among students through various awareness activities related to burning problems: language issues, population explosion, environmental pollution etc. 
8.    To organize various competitions and programmes for physical, intellectual and emotional development     among students.
9.    To inspire and encourage students to avail relevant opportunities for the socio-economic and cultural progress.
10.    To inculcate socio-secular values among students for peaceful co-existence with a feeling of living together.
11.    To develop the values like equality among students while eliminating their sense of rural-urban and rich-poor gaps along with feelings of regionalism, caste and creed discrimations.
12.    To organize activities and inspire students’ practices related to partiotism, fraternity, rights & duties, accountability and commitment for promoting good citizenship and culture of peace.
13.    To develop among student’s knowledge, understanding and consciousness: social, political, psychological, national and international.
14.    To organize regular morning assembly in order to instill in students the faith in God, cultural thoughts and values.
15.    To organize activities, exhibitions and special lectures with a view to develop and nurture creative-scientific thinking and practices among students.
16.    To empower students to adapt human practices like truth fullness, self-discipline, self-reliance, cooperation, love, dedication, kindness, non-violence etc. essential for character building and enhancing their quality of life.
17.    To promote collaboration activities, exchange of ideas and expertise.
18.    To organize meetings and briefing sessions of student-stakeholders, Parents Teachers Association (PTA),  Alumni Organizations, Community Members along with assessment  activities of Internal Quality Assurance Committee (IQAC) for promoting and improving institutional quality.